Stay in Touch with just a touch!

One app to exhange contacts effortlessly and remember who you met, when you met and what experiences you shared.

We offer an innovative, intuitive way to exchange contact information. Simply bring two phones near each other, accept the contact request, and voila! You’re connected.
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Share Contact Info

Exchange contact details by simply bringing two phones together.

Remember Who’s Who

Record how, when and where you met each contact. Jot down what your new contact does, what their pets’ names are, their last vacation and more — all in one place.

Update Automatically

Change your profile information and we’ll update your info for all of your contacts.

Why StayTouch?

You’re tired of keeping track of business cards.

Let’s face it — most business cards are a waste of paper. With StayTouch, you can safeguard new contact info without even thinking about it.

Your address book is filled with outdated, repetitive or incomplete contact info.

Your StayTouch address book gets automatically, silently updated whenever one of your contacts updates their address, number, or other information.

Why StayTouch?

You have a hard time remembering people and events.

With StayTouch, you’ll be able to add context to any meeting or contact. Add memos, voice recordings, and even photos so you never forget who, what, when, and where.

Where can I StayTouch?

Business Meetings

Set up business meetings and notify each participant with the StayTouch app. Then, use the app to record important details about the meeting.

Social Gatherings

Turn new acquaintances into friends and colleagues with the StayTouch app. Share your phone number, email address, social profiles, or all of the above in an instant.

Conferences & Networking Events

Networking just got so much easier. Exchange contact info with just a tap — then record notes about how you met each contact and whatever else you want to remember about them.