What is
StayTouch ?

The memory to a meeting.

We’re constantly meeting new people. But too often, we forget those faces and conversations quickly after saying goodbye. Exchanging contact information, recording how you met, and keeping in touch with your professional and personal network through StayTouch is the difference between staying strangers and becoming colleagues.

A new age solution

StayTouch’s Patent pending technology merged technological innovation with basic intuition. Exchanging contact details and adding history to your meetings has never been easier -- and it never should have been so difficult in the first place.

A smart way to exchange contact information

Gone are the days of carrying business cards, sending updated contact details via email, or searching for old meeting notes in your notebook or computer. Simply touch two phones together to exchange contact info and record your meeting.

A connection between the present and the past

Years later, you’ll be able to look back at the history made up of several meetings. Corporations can use StayTouch to keep track of past sales and keep up new relationships. Individuals can use it to remember and cultivate their own personal and professional relationships.

So simple, it’s meant for everyone who owns a
smartphone. Let’s Staytouch!