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  • StayTouch brings together all trusted communities that want to communicate with their members in a secure way. And so stop newsletters / chat loops / spam / data usage.


  • Trusted communities
  • On StayTouch you will find serious communities such as schools, sports clubs, associations and many other communities of your daily life, not to mention family and friends

  • Encrypted & secure chat
    • No ads, no spam and no use of your data: just happiness!
    • You only receive information from the communities and groups you have chosen
    • Your privacy is respected: none of your information is accessible by a third party without your approval. You decide with whom you want to share information
      You are 100% in control!
  • Stay in touch with your communities / groups
    • Modern communication via chat / broadcast channels / events
    • Broadcast channels with useful info and no nuisance of interfering replies from users
    • All documents, links and shared media organised by section
    • In short: no more emails that end up in spam or unbearable chat loops!

Our community guidelines are available on our website, just follow the link:

Staytouch is a secure chat room for you to communicate with the communities you care about!

Live Chat - Events - High-capacity broadcast channel.

In addition, you will be able to find your favorite communities and be informed of events not to be missed.

But above all your data is not used! Finally!

  1. A live and secure chat, 100% encrypted
  2. Events within the chat itself and synchronized with your agenda
  3. Your shared media properly organized

Finally, a chat and broadcast channels where all your conversions are secure!

If you haven't already done so, download StayTouch on your smartphone.

Click on "create an account", in a few seconds you have created your StayTouch account.

Now all you have to do is add to your profile so you can share the information you want with your friends. Now it's time to start!

To create your profile on StayTouch, simply download the app from any smartphone. Then it's very easy, you can create a profile in a few seconds as you go through the screens.

You can use the search engine to find contacts, groups, channels and communities.

Explore our video tutorial, follow the link:

Explore our video tutorial, follow the link:

Explore our video tutorial, follow the link:

Explore our video tutorial, follow the link:

Only your first name, last name and community/group membership are visible to StayTouch users.

However, when you become friends with a StayTouch user, they will have access to all the information you have entered in your profile.

The answer is simply NO!

Your personal information is never used!

StayTouch offers a technology that you won't find anywhere else ๐Ÿ˜‰ the "Touch"!

Nothing could be more practical between 2 corridors, at parties, in the street and especially when there's noise!

From the home page of the app,

Your friend and you both click on

When you see the exchange icon appear bring the 2 phones together

There you go!

You have become friends on Staytouch.

You can use the search engine to find contacts, groups and communities.

To create events on StayTouch

  • Click on + at the top left of the screen and then on "event
  • Choose a host
  • Share the event with guests
  • You're done! Your event has been successfully created.

StayTouch values a strong commitment to safety. If a person, group, or community is not behaving properly, report them.

To report a user:

Send an email to

Providing us with their account name and proof of their behavior.

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact us at

We would love to hear your great suggestions or comments.

We really value the opinions of our users.

If you fancy joining us, the StayTouch team is always on the lookout for new talent

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