StayTouch first steps

Welcome to StayTouch! Here are some tips to help you understand and engage with StayTouch.

How can I exchange contacts using the StayTouch Share feature?

Our core StayTouch Share feature is a hassle-free way of exchanging contact information.

Once you’ve created a profile, follow these steps:
- Tap the button on the app’s home screen to activate StayTouch Share.
- Select the profile you want to share.
- Bring your phone close to another phone that has the StayTouch app open. The new contact will appear on your screen.
- Choose to accept the request, decline the request, or deal with the request later.

In order to have a smooth experience, we recommend turning on Bluetooth and giving StayTouch permission to access your notifications, location, microphone, and contacts. Don’t worry — we will not share or sell any of your data to third parties. You are the master of your information. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

How can I share my contact information via StayTouch with someone who doesn’t have the app?

Share your contact details with someone who doesn’t have the app by adding the recipient’s email address or phone number. Then, select a profile to share with this new contact. We’ll send your profile to them and save the profile you added for them.

How can I import a contact from my phone and share my contact details?

Click on the “Import from…” button on your address book screen. Then, you’ll be able to import a contact from your phone or Outlook contact list. Select a contact to import into the app, then add any further information you’d like to. Once you’ve finished the profile, share your StayTouch profile by clicking “Share a profile with this contact” and sending it via email or text message.

How can I add little personal notes to help me remember a contact?

Click on a contact, then tap the notes icon on the top right side of the screen. You’ll then have the option of adding notes, voice memos, or images to help you remember context. You can also do the same for meetings.