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Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Business Contacts

businessman using a contact app to stay in touch with this customers and clients

Finding meaningful contacts to exchange information and build relationships with is crucial. Business contact apps handled correctly can bolster your career, develop a name for yourself in your circles, and introduce you to new opportunities. 

You may find yourself with just a handful of contacts. Awesome! But it’s not how many contacts you have, it’s how you use them. Here are a few tips on what to do next with your newfound wealth of connections.

Keep Contact Apps Organized and Updated 

No matter how many business cards you collect, if they end up bent and fading in your desk drawer, they’re not going to be much good to you.

Keep your contacts all organized in one place. An address book, a contacts list, or an app or software dedicated to contact management are all great choices.

Know Your Worth When You Go Networking

Don’t just sell the business, company, or organization you work for when you network with someone! You’re also selling yourself as a contact, a liaison between organizations, and someone they can trust.

Be prepared to make an elevator pitch for yourself as well as your company. What have you accomplished? H What can you do for their company that others can’t?

Keep Networking!

You must think we’re crazy, because we JUST said you’ve got contacts now. But that doesn’t mean you should stop going to networking events and go radio silent on networking and contacts apps. 

Keep reaching out, introducing yourself, and staying active on networking and on your contact app. Even if it seems like you’ve got everything you need, you never know what opportunities might come along in the future!

Don’t Let the Line Go Dead

Don’t just keep that number in your contacts until it’s time for you to use it. Not only might that be years down the road, but you want to make sure you stay in THEIR radar in case they have something you can help them with! 

Every so often, reach out to these contacts, inquire about their business and what projects they’re working on, even if there’s nothing you have in common quite yet. They’ll be impressed by your attention and consideration, and building that relationship also builds trust. 

Arrive Early to Networking Events and Plan to Stay Late

If you’re at a corporate event, chances are you’re there to listen, participate, build skills, or learn. Chances are you won’t have time to network when those things are happening and you’re not going to make a great impression if you try. 

Arrive early to meet other VIPs and chat, and stay late to follow up, discuss the event, and trade contact info.

Be Generous with Sharing Tips and Leads

This may seem counterintuitive but remember, you’re not there to win any competition, you’re there to build relationships and connections. Being a generous and considerate individual is a million times more memorable, and people are more likely to want to work with someone they can trust to have good intentions. 

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