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How Effortless Networking Improves Customer Experience

group of people networking together

On a global scale, our world is advancing everyday towards a paperless model of networking. We are fortunate enough to live in a world where networking can happen nearly instantaneously – at the touch of a button. However, it may not always be this simple. At networking events, your goal is to make opportunistic connections effortlessly. Do you typically have follow-ups with the contacts you make? Even when receiving a potential client’s information, it’s easy for paper to get lost in the flurry of items and names. Moreover, business cards get stuffed into a pocket, names can be forgotten, and you may even misplace an important phone number in your laundry load. So, this is why it’s crucial to have a streamlined, seamless, and effortless networking system. This can help your business expand far past its limitations. Strengthen customer satisfaction, expand your clientele, and grow your business with StayTouch.

The Networking App that Seamlessly Makes Connections

StayTouch was created with optimal customer experience in mind. One thing that’s universally true amongst all businesses is this: customers want to know that someone will be there to help them. How do you ensure that your clients will be able to reach you? Do clients know where to reach you, and how? What makes StayTouch so unique, is that it creates networking opportunities simply by connecting two phones. When both parties have the StayTouch app, they can connect instantaneously, and immediately become a part of one another’s network. With features like instant messaging, calendar and meeting invites, and more, all communication can happen on a singular platform. If a potential connection doesn’t have the app, that’s no problem, too! Anyone is able to view your profile, no matter their StayTouch affiliation.

Impress Your Potential Clients

Think about the peace-of-mind that’s offered when you show potential clients how easy it is to learn about your work and services. When using StayTouch, you can instantly demonstrate to your connections how to learn about your services. You can show your clients how to stay connected for future follow-ups, and how to grow their expanding network alongside other professionals. By creating a personalized experience for your network, you are upholding exceptional customer relations.

Remember The Small Details

This networking app also allows you to take smart-notes about each connection and meeting. This will help you remember vital details about the contacts you make. For instance, Jen from the networking mixer is no longer just a potential client, but rather, she is the owner of an art studio looking for a new supplier. She also happens to be refurbishing her studio, and needs help from a local contractor. Remembering subtle details like this is a sure-fire way to impress your connections. Not only this, you won’t miss an opportunity to build your client base.

StayTouch’s Unique Take on Social Networking Apps

We realize in this digital age that there are hundreds of platforms to choose from when building a professional network. However, not all of these platforms make for a simple or seamless application. StayTouch puts all of your networking and professional needs in one place, making it as user-friendly and optimized as possible. With a business card scanner, a one-click contact exchange, messaging capabilities, a calendar, and note transcription, you’ll have everything you need to sustain long-lasting professional connections.

Innovation for Effortless Client Creation

The StayTouch app is built to grow with your business. We believe that business owners shouldn’t have to go the extra mile to maintain their contacts. But rather, it’s more than possible to get the most out of one effortless networking app. When you get down to it, networking should’ve always been this simple in the first place. Download the StayTouch app today and start cultivating your ever-expanding network.