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How Remote Networking Platform can Build your Professional Network and Develop Profitable Connections

Networking allows you to build relationships with individuals that benefit you and people in your network’s careers. Building and maintaining long-term relationships with professionals in your stream is an important part of effective networking.

Impact of Networking for Business

  • 49% of people say remote networking has brought “a lot of new business” for their company
  • 73% said that giving a Digital business card is an important part of building a strong brand identity.
  • 61% of professionals agree that regular online networking can actually lead to job opportunities
  • 84% of people prefer remote meetings
  • 87% of Business owners use Networking to explore new contacts
  • 49% of professionals blame their failure to nurture and maintain professional relationships on their lack of time

Growth of Virtual events

  • The global virtual events market size was valued at $77.98 billion in 2021
  • 93% of organizers plan to invest in virtual events in the future
  • In 2022, the number of organizations planning a virtual event would be doubled
  • 80.2% of event organizers have been able to reach a wider audience with virtual events
  • In 2021, 6.3 million people attended virtual events

Importance of Remote Networking

Establish business contacts and referral networks:

Businesses use networking platforms to reach out to people, generate more referrals, and boost the revenue.


Networking helps you to have a learning experience that will prepare and enable you to move forward as a business or as a professional.

Business Opportunities:

Networking opens the door to many business opportunities

Community or industry:

Networking helps one to stay connected to the community or industry.

New career opportunities:

Networking aids in finding new career opportunities


Networking helps develop new relationships that foster newfound confidence in your professional capabilities

StayTouch is the go-to tool for Smart Networking

StayTouch offers a friendly, personalized experience to your connections by keeping in touch with just a touch.

Public Profile – Digital business card

Share the contact information which you want to share such as business emails, social media, and company information.

Share Profile – Easy exchange via QR Code

StayTouch helps you to exchange contact information during virtual conferences.

Smart notes – Audio notes & transcription

Add a smart audio note or picture, text, or files to your meetings or contacts, while increasing your productivity and efficiency.

CRM integrations

Integrations with all CRMs allow automated data entry to CRM. Thereby avoiding all painful and time-consuming data entry processes after your meetings.

Auto-Update Contacts:

StayTouch lets your contacts inform you when they have changed their details in-app, and via email or text if you are offline, too.

Contact duplication detection

StayTouch detects all duplications and alerts the users and hence makes contact management more productive and efficient.

Simple & Fast

Touch phones to exchange details in under 5 seconds

Make notes & reminders

Capture the details that make all the difference to nurture your connections

Start using StayTouch today to grow lasting networks that matter to you!

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