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How Technology Will Change The Future Of Business Cards

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Networking is essential for a successful business. You need to share your information with as many people as possible to build a good network. Business cards have been the main method of sharing information for centuries. Therefore, exchanging them is central to networking. 

People have been using them as a means to quickly share contact information for hundreds of years. Yet, as technology evolves, so does our ability to share information. Consequently, as a method of information sharing, business cards will inevitably change alongside new technological advancements.

Paper Cards vs. Digital Cards

Merchants began using an early form of business card in London in the late 18th to early 19th century. Merchants would give out “trade cards” that had the merchant’s name, street, and location of their business on that street. These were useful for business people because streets had yet to be numbered. This way, clients could find their way to that merchant’s business.

Modern cards still serve the same essential function. They let future customers and partners know the necessary information to contact each other when they need each other’s products or services. Although, being physical objects, they can be fallible. Digital business cards overcome the failures of paper business cards.

What are the Benefits of Using a Digital Card?

A digital business card is exactly what it sounds like: a business card that is created and exchanged over the internet. While paper cards are often damaged or misplaced and their information lost, digital cards are kept safe on the cloud. So whenever you need the information, it is always available for you.

Digital business cards have many advantages over paper business cards. With them you never have to worry about running out. You have literally infinity of them stored on your smartphone. You will never miss a chance to grow your network because you don’t have a business card on you.  

And the landscape of them is ever evolving.

As technology advances, business cards are becoming even easier to share. 

Nowadays, digital business cards can even be shared via a QR code

You might be worried that this all sounds very complicated, don’t worry! There are apps like StayTouch that make this process easy!

You can use a contact management app such as StayTouch to create your online business card. StayTouch then generates a QR code for you to share that digital business card with others. This makes exchanging business cards effortless.

Use Technology to Get Yourself a QR Code Card

So what is a QR code?

A QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares. The code can be read by the camera of a smartphone. Adding QR codes to your business cards makes them easily shareable.

Including QR codes on your paper cards and using digital business cards is beneficial to your networking efforts. They allow you to share more information on a card. If you have a QR code on a paper card then whoever you give your card to can scan that code for  more information. You can include a link to your website or a social media profile.

The practice of sharing business cards is hundreds of years old, but it has evolved as technology has advanced. Today, you can have a cards that are based on the internet instead of on paper. You can also include much more information on your cards by adding a QR code. By creating a digital card and adding QR codes to your paper cards, you can network much easier.

StayTouch is an app that can be used to create your digital business card. You can also put a QR code that links to your digital card on your paper business cards (but we believe that digital cards are a more innovative and eco-friendly solution)! StayTouch makes networking much easier for you by making it easy to create and share digital  cards and contact information. Check out StayTouch today and get started with your digital business cards.