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Stay in touch during times of social distancing

Staying in touch is more important than ever right now.

But during these times of social distancing, it might look a little different than what you’re used to. Leveraging touchless technology and smart contact organization will help you keep your network as strong as ever.

Even while we’re working from home and keeping our distance, we’re all constantly interacting with our friends, family, colleagues, and business partners. The StayTouch app provides a secure, easy way to record smart notes about virtual conference calls, keep a history of previous meetings, and strengthen ties with contacts new and old.

Here’s what you can do with StayTouch:

  • Organize your contacts
  • Between your handwritten address book, your phone contacts, email contacts, and the countless business cards you’ve collected over the years, your network’s larger than you even realize. While you’re at home, take advantage of this time to get organized. Automatically scan business cards and import contacts from your phone number or email address to keep all of your contacts in one place.

  • Never forget an important detail
  • Whether you just wrapped up an important conference call with your colleagues or you just finished chatting with your friends for hours, you’ll want to make sure you remember what went on. StayTouch allows you to add smart audio notes or pictures to any meeting with a contact.

  • Work from home — the smart way
  • StayTouch allows you to leverage better productivity when your team’s working from home. The app has a swift, efficient interface that allows teams to collaborate easily using various features such as meetings, chats and messages. (The best part? It’s free with no ads!)

  • Put your best face forward
  • Even as you weather out the COVID-19 storm from the sanctuary of your home, you need not lose visibility. Stay on top by crafting engaging public profiles on StayTouch. Link to your website, social media pages, and blog links to attract the right connections quicker. You can create a new profile in seconds.

    We sincerely hope that StayTouch helps you bring productivity and profitability back to your business. We are committed to helping you emerge from the COVID-19 outbreak with an even better connection to your professional support network. Here’s hoping for a speedy return to ‘Business as Usual.’