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Why Business Card Scanners are Crucial for Sales

a group of people collaborating using a business card scanner

In our ever-expanding digital age, everything has been made just a little bit easier with the help of technology. Contact management is no exception. 

Business card scanners snap an image of the business card in question and scan for important contact information. Then, they enter that information all in one contact for you to reference later.

But do we really NEED one? Obviously businesses survived for a long time without digital scanners. Sure it’s convenient, but is it a requirement?

Maybe, maybe not. But before you make that judgment call, find out what they can offer you.

A Quick, Easy, and Instant Organizer

When you’re running your own business, time and space are invaluable resources. Digital business scanners can save you both. Whether it’s a scanner or an app, you can scan and organize those contacts all on your phone.

As a result, you’ll have no clutter and an updated, organized contact list.

A Built-In Customer Relationship Manager

Having a business card scanner doesn’t just take down information quickly. All that information needs somewhere to go.  Keep an eye out for scanners that co with a built-in contact manager.

Generally, digital business cards will get stored in CRM. Add important notes like where you met the person, what kind of business that person is in, what they might be able to offer your company, and what you might be able to offer in return. Oftentimes, these notes can be just as important as the contact itself. 

You Can Widen Your Range of Business Opportunities

Nowadays, there are several business card scanners on the market with the ability to translate the information from all sorts of different languages. If you receive a business card from an international contact, you don’t want to miss out on a unique and profitable opportunity just because of a language barrier! 

If you do a lot of business internationally, find a business card scanner with translation capabilities. Keep an eye out for ones that will scan and translate other documents as well!

Scheduling and Time Management All In One Place

Many customer relationship management services like the StayTouch app have built-in calendars, too! Keep track of what meetings and calls you might have all in one spot.

More Than Just Contact Information!

Just like all technology, digital business cards are growing and evolving all the time. When you’re checking out potential contacts, it’s much more convenient to have everything in one place. Digital business cards can offer that convenience and organization.

Just like QR codes can bring us to videos or websites, digitally scanned business cards can similarly include links to websites and portfolios, too. 

Interested in a smart networking platform that can provide digital business cards, contact management, relationship building, calendars, messaging, and more? Check out the StayTouch app here!