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3 Easy Hacks to Organizing Your Contacts

a person holding a lightbulb to show the easy hacks on how to organize and manage your contacts

Networking is a major part of any business, resulting in large and sometimes unwieldy contact lists. Efficient contact management is key to keeping relationships up to date and never missing out on key connections. It’s not always easy to manage your lists of clients and business connections. 

Keeping track of when you meet and important information about the interaction takes impressive memory skill or detailed note-taking. Instead of stressing or just leaving your list completely unorganized, here are a few easy hacks on how to manage and organize your contacts. 

An App to Organize Contacts with Ease

A smart contact app is a great way to stay on top of content management. It’s easier to keep information up to date and with most apps, easy to scan in new contacts. Apps like StayTouch offer a business card scanner for quick and easy input. 

Exchanging contact information is as simple as the press of a button. Sharing digital information so quickly helps broaden your network, even with the briefest of interactions. It also reduces the risk of losing the information since it isn’t on a card floating loose in your pocket. Walk away from any encounter knowing that your information is in their phone, creating a great future networking opportunity. 

Combine and Organize Contacts

Smart apps also have the benefit of importing and combining contact databases. With all the different communication apps and social media platforms, people can connect far and wide. The contacts don’t also have to be so widespread. The right contact app will assist with gathering all the important information into one list in one application. No more searching through all the different databases just to find a phone number. 

Just creating one large master list isn’t going to properly organize your contacts, though. How many times have you found a name on your list and can’t remember who they are? A well-made smart app will allow you to make notes for each different contact. Record things like where you met, what connected you, and other important details about your interaction. 

With StayTouch, you can even record the personal preferences for each contact. That added bit of humanization can make all the difference with a networking opportunity. People often find that level of attentiveness impressive and appreciate feeling seen.

Organize Contacts with StayTouch

The StayTouch app was designed with the mission to simplify exchanging contacts and managing relationships. Consolidate all contacts into the StayTouch app and create your own profile that can be shared with each person. Add contacts with a one click exchange or the scan of a business card.

Our app has the option to set a reminder for reaching out to each contact. Stay in touch through the built-in messenger or set a personalized reminder. You can decide when you want to be reminded, what you need to reach out about, and what platform to use. No crucial business or personal connections can fall through the cracks when you use the app to its fullest potential. 

It also keeps track of interaction history as well as past and upcoming meetings. Connecting people for scheduling is simplified by creating a calendar link to determine the best days for everyone to meet. Meetings can be customized to include any virtual event links within the meeting memo. 

StayTouch is a smart networking app that keeps all of your information in one place. We provide digital business cards, contact management, relationship building, calendars, messaging, and more. Visit our blog to learn more about contact management or if you have questions about the StayTouch app, contact us today!