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5 Lessons You Learn from Forgetting Your Business Cards

business card being handed over to another person

Business cards are an effective networking tool that businesses of all sizes can utilize for branding and marketing purposes. The right business card can give business professionals an opportunity to build valuable relationships and create trust in their brand. Forgetting your business cards, however, is one sure-fire way you can miss out on a potential opportunity. With StayTouch’s digital business cards and card scanner, individuals and businesses have a simple, cost-effective way to share contact information and cultivate their network online.

Why You Need a Digital Business Card

Even in today’s digital world, business cards remain an essential tool for networking with contacts and marketing your business. Exchanging business cards is the simplest way to build new connections and ensure that people remember your name and what you do long after you meet them. One way to ensure that you always have your business card on hand is to create a digital business card you can share with the click of a button. 

1. Business cards are still necessary.

We all know that things rarely stay the same in the business world. But one practice that has remained a constant for decades is the exchange of contact information via business cards.

2. It is easier than you might think to forget a name.

If you’ve ever had someone introduce themselves at a networking event and not follow it up with a business card, then you know how easy it is to forget a name. Don’t make that same mistake!

3. A business card is the easiest way to connect and maintain professional relationships.

With your business card at their fingertips, contacts are more likely to reach out with potential opportunities. If you forget your business cards, you run the risk of missing out on a good lead. 

4. A digital business card is your best networking tool.

Creating a digital business card is the easiest way to instantly share information with contacts. As long as you have your phone, you have your business card, and you can share it with a single click. Plus, you’ll never run out or have to place another order for paper cards.

5. An online platform is the smart way to network.

Gone are the days of jotting down notes on the back of business cards and shoving them in your desk drawer. Digital business cards allow you to build your network online and keep track of who you met, when, and where.

Cultivate Your Network by Going Digital

Digital business cards are a modern networking tool individuals and businesses can use to quickly and easily share contact information. Meeting new people, exchanging information, and staying in touch with contacts is at the heart of any meaningful business relationship. And with a digital business card conveniently stored on your phone, you can make every interaction count. StayTouch also offers users a smart networking platform where you can manage your contacts, keep a record of your meetings, and follow up on leads. 

It is our goal at StayTouch to take the stress out of professional networking. With our digital business cards and business card scanner app, you can instantly exchange contacts with anyone, even if they don’t have the app. So, you can forget about having to remember your business cards the next time you head to a networking conference. You can also manage your relationships online, making it easier than ever to cultivate your professional network in this digital age. Reach out to us today to find out how StayTouch can help you keep in touch with your network online.