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4 Tips For the Best Business Meeting (Including Digital Business Card Exchange)

businessman handing over business card to prospective client

Business meetings, while dreaded by some, can be a fantastic way to streamline your business practices. For a long time, it’s been common practice to exchange business cards during these meetings to ensure your colleagues can reach you when necessary. With the modern push for everything to go digital, paper business cards are out and digital business cards are in.

A (Brief) Guide to Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards (also referred to as virtual business cards) are, in short, a paper business card in a digital format. They contain all of the same information a paper business card would offer, but have been digitized to suit a modern age.

Virtual business cards are a convenient way to promote your business when networking. If you forget your paper cards at home, as long as you have your electronics with you, you can still effectively network. It also helps to manage what’s on your plate. With a digital business card, you won’t have to worry about how many business cards you have left. They’re also easily customizable, meaning if you change positions, change contact information, or need to update for any other reason, you won’t have to buy an entirely new stack of cards. All information is easily updatable, making it a more affordable option.

1. Making Lightning Fast Connections

Perhaps the best feature of a digital business card is how it encourages clients to reach out. Paper business cards are often thrown out and forgotten about, making it difficult to effectively network. However, digital business cards are delivered directly into the recipient’s inbox, ensuring they can add you to their contacts.

2. Use a Business Card Scanner

A challenge of navigating the office environment is keeping track of contacts. You will meet many faces along the way. It can quickly become a monumental task keeping track of all of them. Everyone in the office world knows the importance of a good business card. They are each person’s immediate way to give their title and contact information in a seamless manner. The piles of business cards will start to become overwhelming, but with modern technology, this is no longer the case. Digital business scanners make the job of collecting and organizing all of those business cards a hassle free dream. All it takes is one quick snapshot of a business card and all the information is there. This goes for your own personal business card as well. A digital business scanner makes it easy to share your own card. You’ll never be caught off guard.

3. Try Business Card Alternatives

The biggest alternative to business cards out now is CRM. Customer relationship management technology is changing the face of the business world. They allow full management of all business activities, from tracking customers to keeping notes from meetings. These can easily be accessed and managed from any mobile device. Applications such as StayTouch make navigating endless mounds of paperwork a notion of the past. 

4. Sell Yourself

Remember, this is your career and your passion. At meetings, amongst all the exchange of networking information, the key is to get yourself out there. A good presentation is to demonstrate what you are bringing to the table and how it can push the company forward. Selling the company is just as important as staking your claim. Take every opportunity you can to leave a positive lasting impression.

These tips make for a great starting place, but there’s always more to learn. Always keep whatever you need ready at the touch of a button with the StayTouch app. Notes, memos, contacts, clients, customers, and business cards will never be out of reach again.