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Are Digital Business Cards the Future of Community Management?

background overlay of people networking and doing business with digital business cards

Post-pandemic has brought about many changes in the way we do life. From how we participate in social activities and attend events to academia and how we conduct business. Everything has been reshaped by the pandemic. And, everything is going digital. This includes the traditional business card that’s been a staple in the business world for centuries. 

Digital business cards are as the name implies— a digital version of a paper business card. These are commonly created using an online application that allows you to fully customize and instantly update your business card. 

Digital business cards are quickly becoming the mainstream way of sharing information on the go. How can digital business cards simplify community management?

Technology keeps our lives moving at a much faster pace and you need to be able to keep step. 

What Is The Best Digital Business Card App?

If you haven’t already made the switch to a digital business card, then you are probably wondering what is the best digital business card app? Whether you are an individual looking to broaden your network or part of a team doing big things in business, there are great options out there. 

We’ve highlighted 4 of the leading business card apps that are gaining popularity among the masses. 

1: HiHello

This app is user friendly and has lots of great features. HiHello includes several networking features, and custom email signature creation. They also offer virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

2: StayTouch

With the StayTouch app, you aren’t limited to only people who are also using the app for sending and receiving contact information. StayTouch generates a QR code for your digital business card, so that even those using other apps or their own logging system can capture your contact information in just a few seconds! 

On top of that, StayTouch offers an internal calendar feature that allows you to schedule meetings and link them to your specific contacts to keep track of appointments, meetings, and more. Managing your appointments and communities has never been easier!

Finally, StayTouch automatically updates contact information, whether it’s your own, or someone else’s. If one of your contacts has changed their phone number or email, for instance, StayTouch will reflect that change immediately! If you yourself has changed some aspect of your contact information, that change will appear for anyone who has captured your information with no need to reach out to every individual person!

3: Blinq

Blinq gets high ratings and great reviews because it is a fuzzy memory’s best friend. Oftentimes, we meet people in high energy social settings, busy conventions, or on the go. 

4: Popl

While it caters to businesses and individuals, Popl is highly rated for teams. One of its highlights is it allows you to create, distribute, and manage digital cards across your team to maintain a clean brand consistency. 

One of the most progressive things about digital business cards is how much versatility in content you can add to them. Most apps have the capacity to support adding things like videos, social media profile links, brand logos, and more. These cards are highly customizable and can be edited and updated in real time. 

So, what if you met a new connection that was still using a paper business card? With one of the leading apps above, it’s simple. Just scan it with your phone to upload the information for easy access when you need it. 

The Evolution Of Business Cards 

Networking is foundational in business and community management. It’s how you grow, learn, connect, and advance in your professional career. If you want to stay relevant, then you must evolve with the times. Consider the benefits of embracing the digital business card. 

Sustainability— Digital business cards create zero waste and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Instant Updates— Paper business cards need to be reprinted anytime there’s a change to your contact information, company, or job title. Digital cards allow you to make instant updates that are both cost and time effective.

Share In-Person Or Virtually— Digital business cards make the contactless exchange of details seamless and streamlined. It’s pandemic-proof. 

To learn more about the future of digital business cards and to get other networking tips, visit StayTouch today. Additionally, visit our blog to see more information on digital networking.