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How to Increase Your Sales Productivity With a Unique Smart Networking Platform?

Almost any business-related endeavor aims for the best sales productivity ratio. Of course, attaining it is rarely a walk in the park. At best, the only way businesses will ever get to a perfect ratio (if there’s such a thing) is through a combination of fortuitous luck along with optimal tools and strategies.

Still, you don’t have to wait for the stars to align to, at least, achieve your target goals. After all, is there ever a better way to achieve top-notch productivity today than through effective use of readily available technology? In this post, we make a case for the use of a Smart Networking Platform, like the StayTouch app, to help you attain that coveted sales productivity sweet spot.

What’s So “Smart” About a Smart Networking Platform?

We’re going to go ahead and assume that, that’s the first question that popped into your mind. Well, in the context of StayTouch, it’s a platform that’s built with smart networking in mind. After all, all its features are, more or less, intended to adhere to and nurture the main tenets of that kind of networking.

Smart networking values:

  • Following up on new contacts.
  • Staying in touch with them.
  • Remember your previous interactions.

It hinges on developing and maintaining stellar Relationship Management, in short. It’s arguably what sets the solid foundation of a network that can seamlessly help you discover new clients, cement your influence, and enjoy a strong referral pipeline. Otherwise, networking only becomes the seemingly insurmountable mountain it appears to be.

As you can see, it’s “smart” simply because it knows and anticipates the problems of networking today. To gain a clearer view of how it does this, we’ve outlined them all in the following section.

How StayTouch Can Directly Boost Your Sales Productivity?

It’s already been proven that time-draining management and not being able to use available technology to the fullest are two factors that are keeping productivity low. In essence, these are the main ways that a platform like StayTouch can solve these issues.

1. It takes a chunk of the manual aspect of contact management out of the picture.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to update your contacts over time then inform them about it each time you do it. Let’s face it, there’s still a large bulk of CRM tasks that networkers are still doing manually. These only eat up time that in turn, drags down productivity, especially if you look at it from a more in-depth, statistical point-of-view.

  • Let’s start with the digital business card, after synchronization with StayTouch, you get to update your contacts list with just a few taps. Then the app will automatically synchronize them.
  • Another automated aspect is integrated into the app’s own Contact-free Digital Business Cards. These are readily scannable cards that let you import contacts to either your email address or phone.

2. Even with present social restrictions, you’ll never run out of opportunities to acquire new contacts.

Remote networking capitalizes on the perks of contactless technology. These are but some of the powerful and efficient ways that StayTouch lets users do:

  • You may share paperless contacts any time you want. You only need to connect to the phone you want to share contact details with, tap once, and the app does the rest.
  • You may create public profiles that you can easily share with other people or contacts, even if they’re not StayTouch users.

3. To ease the need to follow up and stay in touch, users get to chat with their contacts in real-time, take notes, schedule meetings, and set reminders.

How can your contacts possibly forget about you if you can send them a message anytime and anywhere? Of course, you don’t want to get too eager and send them messages in the middle of the night! As in most things, timing is key!

  • StayTouch has its own built-in messaging platform where you may communicate with all your contacts with relative ease.
  • Part of the reason why productivity falls short is that networkers tend to forget about vital, personal information pertaining to each of their clients. The ability to easily take audio-based notes ensures that you don’t end up doing that as much as possible.
  • You’ll be provided with a comprehensive historical overview of every meeting you set and attended.
  • You can set schedules and reminders of every follow-up or meeting you want to do.

4. Introduce much-needed organization to how you perform networking.

Overall, lack of organization remains as one other big culprit in low sales productivity. StayTouch not only delivers ease but order to networking, too. We can say that most of the app’s features tackle this problem head-on.

  • How can you possibly lose contact data shared over digital platforms if the app can easily back it up and update it for you?
  • How can you lose sales opportunities if every contact is listed and accounted for, with all pertinent information readily available?
  • Why would your notes remain a jumbled mess if the app lets you record audio versions of them and store and sort them for you?

5. Lastly, it’s easy to use and intuitive.

We designed StayTouch with user-friendliness in mind. We are well aware that people are still hesitant when it comes to relying on new technology. This is why we designed it to be as uncomplicated and familiar to most people who regularly use a smartphone or tablet for contacts management.

As we said above, part of the reason why people don’t enjoy optimal sales productivity is that they’re not able to use available technology to the fullest. Our designs and features take care of that, and the feedback StayTouch has since received about them proves it.


To sum it up, smart digital networking reduces – if not completely, eliminates – common networking pitfalls and enhances the entire process while doing so. This combination of perks allows businesses to enjoy unprecedented sales productivity. With all things considered, there’s really no better way to describe StayTouch as a networking tool that fits to a T with how modern digital networking works.