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How Contactless Technology Makes User Experience Better for Professionals

Contactless technology continues to span a wide range of uses that have extended beyond card payments and bank cards. Smart cards will only evolve more in the future, making them more suitable for applications in various industries. Even now, essential industries like travel and hospitality are slowly adapting to great success. Of course, there’s also networking.

The Contact-free Digital Business Cards in StayTouch, our own Smart Networking Platform, serves as a clear testament to prove the versatility of the said technology. And that’s just one good example. Let’s explain how contactless technology can be effectively utilized to ensure unprecedentedly better user experiences for professionals.

  • Why Contactless Technology Is a Game-Changer in Networking?

  • If there’s one unforeseen catalyst behind the rapid development of contactless technology in plenty of fields, it’s the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, people are advised to choose isolation and social distancing as much as possible. These restrictions obviously gave birth to new challenges that professionals and businesses need to find a way to overcome.

    It basically erased the viability of face-to-face meetings. How will the traditional way of networking and Relationship Management survive in such a reality?

    Nonetheless, not all of the outcomes that the pandemic brought about are bad. For one, people did find a way. Remote networking gained prominence and importance as a direct response to the said problem. Virtual meetups became a trend and are continuing to be practiced worldwide.

    Of course, just as in most kinds of innovations, contactless technology goes beyond just overcoming the most pressing problem of the day. In short, if we want to see the real value of said technology to professionals, we have to look at the benefits from a pandemic perspective and more. Smart digital networking, after all, is not called “smart” for nothing.

  • How Smart Digital Networking Unlocks Contactless Technology’s True Potential?

  • When we say smart digital networking in this context, we are referring mostly to the tools that have since been developed to ensure that people will be able to maximize their networking endeavors despite the apparent limitations they face.

    In this case, we will use StayTouch as one solid example. These are some of the issues related to user experience, which the app is able to solve:

  • The Need to Keep and Share Physical Business Cards

  • As far as smart, contactless technology goes, this practice has gone the way of the dodo. And, it’s all for the better. After all, why bother if you can share digital business cards completely contact-free and with minimal hassles and time required whatsoever? StayTouch assures as much by helping you organize your contacts and quickly share contacts with a specific individual by simply connecting your phones.

    You don’t ever have to worry about losing your card, too, since the platform stores and even makes multiple backups of different versions of it for you. Also, once you’ve created your profile on the platform, you’ll be able to designate whether it’s private or public. You can freely and easily share your public profile with other people, even if they’re not StayTouch users.

  • How to Conduct Meetings to Follow Up on Prospects and Stay in Touch with Your Contacts Over Time?

  • The next one, of course, is the meeting problem, which contactless technology directly addresses. What the said technology proves is that you can actually scrap face-to-face meetings altogether and even enjoy success in networking.

    People have since learned to adapt, and we can only ever attribute it to the rise of social media and mobile. It’s perfectly fine to stay in touch and nurture relationships through messengers and video chat as long as you’re doing it correctly (and smartly).

    Apps like StayTouch allow you to do this by allotting a dedicated messaging platform that users can use to communicate with their prospects and contacts. You may even set up virtual meetings and set reminders for them.

  • Integrating and Synergizing Other CRM Tools

  • A truly optimal setup for most networkers involves having every tool you need in your arsenal AND making them work in total harmony to bring about the best results. With the way StayTouch guarantees smooth integration of other (equally contactless) CRM tools, it becomes easier for professionals to achieve that ideal setup.

    The more your tools are in disharmony, the more likely that you’re only missing out not only on acquiring new prospects but making the most out of your time. What if this is actually the competition’s secret to success? We certainly can’t overlook that very real possibility.

  • Time- and Energy-Draining Contacts Management and Data Entry

  • There’s no doubt whatsoever that managing your contacts is hard. This goes for entering information manually. That being said, the fact that contactless technology manages to treat these problems goes to show how it can stimulate a beneficial domino effect that only aids overall user experiences.

    1. With a smart digital networking platform like StayTouch, you won’t even have to painstakingly update and share your business cards and contacts each time you need changes to be made. The app removes the manual effort of entering new information and sharing updated business cards.
    2. Prope organization always accompanies smooth contacts management. This app assures as much by removing duplicate contacts.
    3. Users may have the business cards of other users automatically scanned. Afterward, they may import the updated list to their phone or email address to make sure that they won’t get lost and are always accessible on hand.
    4. This app keeps a record of your meetings through the notes you can make about each one. This helps you remember important details about each contact as well as the overall contexts of each meeting.


With the way contactless technology is founded on convenience, it’s almost given that it’s able to bring about better experiences for users. Even so, it still warrants proper application. It’s one thing to utilize and another to innovate so you can enrich it and its users to the fullest.

StayTouch, it’s safe to say, was primarily designed with that vital concept in mind.