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Keep Track of New Contacts After A Meeting – New Generation Solution

Oh, what a shame that paper business cards aren’t what they used to be?

You know how vexing it can get.

Exchanging business cards meant you had achieved something out of that seminar, initial meeting, conference or trade show. The higher the stack you exchanged, the more opportunities you were opening up to. But then you had to spend ages, time you don’t have, transferring those details from a pile of cards to a spreadsheet or your phone’s list. And even if you have a personal assistant to take care of that, a couple of days after the meetup, you remorsefully realized you just couldn’t remember much about all those people you’d met. They likely didn’t remember you, either, because 88 of business cards are tossed within 7 days of handing them, with 63 of people trashing then without a second thought if they don’t need your services immediately.

Using cheap paper is also a devastating image to prop up. So, you’ve had to waste a small fortune on a stack of paper someone else would throw out or shred to pieces in a few days.

All that meant future meetings were nothing short of awkward encounters.

Social media profiles haven’t helped much here, either

Crucial details such as who introduced you, why you thought the person would make a great connection to your network, when you agreed to meet up next and what to discuss then, and even where, precisely, you two were.

No wonder exchanging business cards has felt like too much work, a lot of pressure, and often embarrassing encounters—like when they can’t get your name’s spelling right twice or it’s too loud and you have to ask them to say theirs louder thrice.

It is worse now.

More people are switching companies, careers, and job roles like never before

You are more likely to get hung up on for calling the wrong person, hit a disconnected phone line, and encounter a dead email address now because the person changed their contact details, moved on, and you were non-the wiser.

It is also a fast-moving digital world, where you can’t possibly expect a modern CEO to take you seriously if you still handover paper business cards.

So, what to do?

StayTouch promises to make exchanging contacts less awkward and more interesting

The solution is taking up a simple, quick, and seamless way to do the timeless contacts exchange with a few taps, using devices you use every day.

The StayTouch mobile app empowers you to exchange contact details in under three seconds by touching you and your new contact’s phones—more like making a new-age handshake.

Unlike previous contact management apps and e-cards, you don’t have to spend even more time and money scanning through piles of cards, setting up a profile, waiting on edge to sync your contacts or have to manually send everyone an SMS text whenever you change your contact details.

The StayTouch mobile app takes care of that for you from your iPhone or Android phone with a few taps.

StayTouch also notifies you whenever a contact changes theirs, so you can reach them at their up-to-date contact details and avoid losing important connections you need to grow.

The app will automatically save who, when, and where you met the person.

With its note-taking and reminder tools, you can add a note about a new contact’s sense of humor, favorite tune, a person or idea they liked or how they prefer their favorite drink served so you can charm them the next time you meet up at their favorite restaurant in or out of town.

You can create different profiles to share with different circles, too

That way you can protect your reputation by keeping your personal and professional lives separate. You choose what each of your networks sees, and never have to send the right text to the wrong person.

With StayTouch, attending a large conference feels less overwhelming and more intuitive. Just swipe out your smartphone. Turn on the app. No need to bump phones, at least not in a professional setup.

Just bring your phones close up together and the app’s wireless technology will exchange your chosen profile in under three seconds.