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Simplify Networking with StayTouch: How it Works

What if you could still take advantage of the personal touch, marketing benefits, and familiar ritual of exchanging printed business information while also using an easy-to-use tool, appealing to millennials, using a device you and your clients use daily, and more?

The StayTouch app is helping smart, modern businesses with all that and more.

How the StayTouch app works

StayTouch is a refreshing touch to exchanging your business card using a device you and your potential and current clients use daily.

The StayTouch contact management app lets you accomplish what a printed business card or the ordinary digital business card has not empowered you to do before.

StayTouch features you’ll love

Stay in touch with a touch: No need to spend more time and money on card scanners. No infuriatingly long e-card app set up times, either. Tap to automatically share your business information in under 5 seconds. No awkward moments.

Auto-Update Contacts: With more people changing jobs, careers, and industries faster than ever before, StayTouch lets your contacts inform you when they have changed their details in-app, and via email or text if you are offline, too.

Timely notification: Immediately you or they change their details, a notification is sent to the other party and their database automatically updated, so you both can call the right number whenever you need to.

StayTouch Personal CRM: lets you avoid staining your reputation by letting you create multiple personal and professional profiles. You can then share with only the most relevant network for each, so you don’t have to embarrass yourself by sending the wrong message to your entire circle.

Contacts Backup: The CRM safeguards your clients’ details so you won’t lose touch with people that can help you grow. Even if you still get physical business cards, you can simply add the details to StayTouch in a few taps and start enjoying the convenience, safekeeping, and auto-updates benefits.

Nurture History: StayTouch empowers you to quickly create a meetings history list so you’ll know who to talk to next and nurture the connection.

Notetaking: Add nifty-little details that make all the difference in a few taps. Note details such as where you met, what both of you discussed, when you agreed to meet again, who introduced you, what ideas struck you during a chat with them, and why you wish to pursue that connection.

Reminder: Once you’ve noted what to keep in mind for future meetings, it’s super-easy to set reminders so you won’t miss any detail before then and avoid awkward moments.

Environmentally-friendly way to market your responsible business: Your client is increasingly sustainability-minded. So, promote your business and sustainably beat the competition with a digital contact management app that simply works.

No cheap cards to tarnish your image. No need to spend a small fortune on printed business cards. And no risk of losing confidential business contacts you need to grow. StayTouch doesn’t sell your contacts to your competition. Or anybody else. Ever.

Simply download it to your Android phone, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Fire it up on both phones.

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