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Setting up Salesflows with Your Contacts App

Woman on phone managing her salesflow with contacts app
A database of contacts is essential to have if you are looking to convert your salesflow into cold hard sales. In the modern sales landscape, digital business cards are necessary to keep up with new contacts. But regular digital business cards don’t offer users everything needed to stay afloat. Unlike other contact apps, StayTouch allows users to manage their entire full-cycle salesflow, from initial contact to retention, and every step in-between. StayTouch is much more than just a digital business card platform. It can drive sales, networking, communication, and client retention.

Leveraging Your Contact App for Networking 

Business cards have long been a staple of the modern business world. However, a single well-designed card can cost upwards of $25 each. But when was the last time you reached for a business card rather than a smartphone? The fact of the matter is that businesses are increasingly finding contact information online and in contact apps. Contacts on your smartphone are styled by the apps you use. Therefore, if you are looking to increase your salesflow productivity and business relationships, consider which digital business card app you are using.

Enter StayTouch –The Contact Management Solution

Business-savvy professionals know what creates the highest sales conversion rates. First, you must ensure that your prospective client has your contact information and you have theirs. With StayTouch, users can swap contact information in a seamless exchange. It happens in mere seconds with a digital handshake. Simply bring your phone or device up to one another. The app will sync your client’s information while simultaneously sharing your own. Unlike the stock business card passing of days past, you now have access to all the user’s information with a single touch. For those business relationships that do not use StayTouch, you can use the digital public profile-based QR business card feature within the app. You can share your own digital contact and social media information instantaneously. Additionally, there are several embedded core advantages over normal QR code or manual entry on iPhone such as meeting history. Already have a contact database?  Simply import to StayTouch for a turnkey salesflow solution and contact integration.

Meeting History – Date, Place, and Context – Quintessential for Any Networking

Each time the contact is added, the most important note is the meeting history. By exchanging, sharing, or adding a contact using StayTouch, you can keep the automatically generated meeting history (time, date, place, and title or hashtags). This enhances your capability to break the ice at your next meetings.

Contact Management Software and Customer Relationship Management in One

Once a contact has been added, rest assured the app continually updates the contact information with push notifications. Gone are the days of manual data entry and edits. You can also input and share contact notes and interests (such as restaurants or events) as reminders for future talking points. But how useful is this information without communication and meeting setting features that many other contact apps lack?

Communicating With a Contact App

Like social networking apps, StayTouch has a dedicated messaging platform where channels can be added and files exchanged. Users can send quick chats for relationship-building or to set a date and time for meeting invites. Finally, ahead of the meeting, you can share any files or introductions that are needed. Again, it just takes a few touches. After the meeting, listen to the call or conversation again using the recording function within the app. You can even have the app transcribe the call to be included in meeting minutes with your team.

Don’t Be Contactless

Sales are a blurry line. Where they start and where they end is not always clear. But with StayTouch, you can be confident every step along the way you are staying close to your clients. With StayTouch, you will never feel contactless again. Interested in learning more about how StayTouch can streamline your salesflow as a CRM and contact management solution? Check out our other blog posts or download for Android or Apple devices here.