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3 Reasons QR Codes Have Worked Globally

person scanning qr code into phone

The QR code’s reintroduction stands as one of the most surprising things to come from 2020. The QR code has made the ultimate comeback and is now flourishing.

From QR Code Business Cards to Restaurant Menus, This Technology is Accessible to the Average Consumer

Technology has to be adopted by the general public to survive. The average consumer must see the value it can add to their life in order to use it regularly.

1. Ease of Use 

QR codes failed to stick when they were first introduced in 2010. They were too complex for the average consumer to understand at the time. In 2010, scanning a QR code required an additional application, and nowhere near as many people had smartphones then.

Over 83% of the world’s population has a smartphone in 2022. That’s 6.64 billion people! Imagine if that many people had smartphones in 2010. QR codes would’ve seen much more success, don’t you think?

Modern QR codes don’t require a third-party app now. Most codes are accessible by opening the camera on a smartphone. The technology has advanced significantly, and using it is a simpler experience all around.

2. Staggering Number of Use Cases

It is impressive how businesses, brands, and the general public can use QR codes for their customer base and within their communities in today’s landscape.

Using a QR code to view a restaurant’s menu took off in 2020, thanks to safety measures taken during the global pandemic.

We’ve seen China use QR codes for secure payments. There’s been a big shift from paper to mobile ticketing for live shows, sporting events, and concerts. This also means they can’t rip or get crumpled like paper can.

They can be used for in-person shopping, discounts, and special coupons in retail stores. Brands can ask for product reviews on their packaging inserts and direct mail pieces for online shoppers.

This scratches the surface of what QR codes can offer consumers and businesses. QR codes’ diversity proves why they’ve been widely adopted all over the world.

3. Flexibility 

QR codes have also exploded because of their flexibility. They can be seen on printed materials and advertisements, on TV screens during events, and on public transportation.

User experience is rarely affected, even if the engagement varies from the digital landscape to a print setting.

The problem with printed QR codes is straightforward. A user might not be physically close enough to scan the code to trigger the next step.

QR codes have error correction in case the code gets smudged or damaged. Error correction ensures that the code is still readable, even if as much as 30% is damaged or corrupt.

Code designers take steps to protect printed QR codes so they can be used without issue.

Business Cards with QR Code Capabilities: The New Norm of Business Networking with StayTouch

Humanity is adaptable to change and innovation. The way we engage with technology and leverage it to improve our lives is proof.

QR codes have a use case in nearly every consumer setting. They simplify many experiences, whether shopping, networking, or sharing within a community.

At StayTouch, we implement QR code technology into our smart networking app to make it quick and easy for users to share contact information. Whether at networking events, business meetings, or in casual settings, StayTouch is a helpful resource to have in your pocket.

StayTouch combines relationship management with modern digital networking to connect business professionals all around the world.