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Smart Way to Keep in Touch with Your Friends, Family & Colleagues

Being physically separated and socially estranged from friends and loved ones can have a negative impact on your mind and body. While lack of business relationship management can break its core. However, thanks to the internet and tech wizards, it is easier now than ever to stay connected from afar – even if you are unfamiliar with cutting-edge technologies.

Before unfolding the secret to staying connected with your personal and professional niche, it’s better to have access to the most vital numbers in vogue. Here you go!

Technology Growth Statistics:

  • Smart devices that collect, analyze and share data are expected to reach 50 billion by 2030
  • In 2021, the rate of Internet adoption will account for 59 percent
  • Every 127 seconds, a new device connects to the internet
  • In the first quarter of 2021, 4.66 billion people connected to the internet
  • The global tech startups have increased to 1.35 million approximately

Mobile Technology Statistics:

  • As of the first quarter of 2021, mobile phones search contributes to more than half of all traffic
  • 91% of internet users in 2020 were mobile phone owners
  • People check their mobile phones about 150 times daily
  • Total mobile connections in 2021 amount to 10.24 billion
  • 80% of smartphone users make use of their phones during physical shopping
  • Google Play and the Apple App Store had a combined 4.4 million mobile apps for download in 2020

Role of Technology in keeping in touch with Families and Friends:

  • 33% of online adults say that Technology has improved their connections with friends
  • 23% say that it has greatly improved their connections with their family members
  • 12% of internet users feel that Technology has greatly improved their ability to meet new people
  • 64% say that it has not improved their ability to meet new people at all

Future Trends in Technology Growth:

  • There will be 8.4 billion voice assistants by 2024
  • 94% of the internet workload will be processed on the cloud by the end of 2021

Growth of Smart Networking:

  • 95% of professionals claim that in-person communication is an essential part of long-term communication
  • 85% of Corporate vacancies are hired through networking
  • 49% of people claim that they do not have enough time to maintain professional relationships
  • 38% of professionals have difficulties staying in contact with their network

How to use StayTouch to smartly stay in touch?

Create Multiple Profiles:

Share the most relevant details with the right circle to delight connections and protect your reputation

Share Paperless Contacts:

Just touch the app and bring two phones together. Then tap to share details over-air

Import Contacts:

Automatically scan business cards and import contacts from your phone number or email address to keep all of your contacts in one place

Auto-Update Contacts:

Update your profiles and all the contacts in your network would be automatically informed

Schedule Meeting & Set Reminders:

Get reminders to meet, greet, and close deals

Take Notes:

Capture meeting context and add it next to your contacts so you never forget the who, where, why, when, and how, like who introduced you and why

Chat – Instant Messaging:

Real-me chat, you will never forget important information about your contacts

Public Profile:

The public profile is simple to use and easy to share. Create your profile, link to your best works, including social media, website & blog links and share it with people who do not yet have StayTouch app.

StayTouch is the ultimate smart networking platform to keep in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues, ensuring absolute privacy and safety.