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Ultimate Guide For Professionals on How To Manage Contacts

a contact manager handling information with her smart tablet device

Most business owners have a vast list of contacts. To keep everything running smoothly, they need to have all of their business partners’ and clients’ information. Unfortunately, managing these contacts can become a challenging task. Luckily, there are some things business owners can do to make contact management easy like obtaining a contact manager.

For your business to grow continually, you need a strategy to manage all of your leads and current customers. A contact management strategy will increase the number of leads converted into customers and improve your customer care. Your ability to manage your contacts will determine how successful you are at growing your customer base. Following some simple guidelines will ensure a positive result. 

Get a Contact Manager

Managing all of your contacts is not something you want to do on your own. Your contacts include all of your current and previous customers as well as your leads. For most businesses, this adds up to a great number of connections. Using a contact manager tool will significantly reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain these contacts. 

Contact management tools like StayTouch greatly assist you in maintaining and growing your customer base in a variety of ways. You can instantly send and receive detailed contact information by simply scanning a QR code. StayTouch makes it easy to record and exchange contact information with anyone with a smartphone. 

StayTouch and other contact managers allow you to track and enhance your business relationships. You can use them to schedule meetings, sales, calls, and take notes on your contacts. This ensures you stay in touch with all of your clients and remember all the details about each person. For example, being able to recall the name of a client’s pet or spouse goes a long way to developing a good relationship. 

You can even use some contact managers to message your contacts directly. On StayTouch, you can use the direct message feature to keep your business communications all in one place. Using the messages feature takes your contact organization even further by grouping your company communications together. 

Contact managers are an essential part of a good contact management strategy. Most businesses have too many contacts to manage without one. Contact managers help you develop your client relationships and grow your customer base. Use contact managers to make contact management easy.

Using Contact Manager Software

Using contact manager software is easy. StayTouch makes getting started simple. To begin, just download the app. The app does not require much storage space on your device. It can be found in the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you have the app downloaded, you can create a profile.

Hit ‘create profile’ and fill in your information. You will add the name, number, and email address that you want to share with others. You can add additional details once the basic information has been entered.  Also, you can write a bio, add social media links, and link your website if you want to add more information.

After creating a profile and adding all of the information you want, you can start sharing contact information. To share your information with another StayTouch user, you can use Bluetooth. To share with someone without StayTouch who can have them scan a QR code and get links to all your information. Once your profile is up and running, it is easy to share your information with anyone.

StayTouch is a great app to help you manage your massive list of contacts. It allows you to grow your customer base and develop your business relationships. It lets you remember to check in with your contacts, so you don’t lose touch and provides notes on them. Get started managing your contacts with StayTouch.