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How to Make Sure Business Contacts Don’t Fall Through The Cracks

a person using apps to stay in contact with business clients

A business’s most important social network is their contact list. Businesses are constantly making new contacts so it can be hard to keep track of all the details. Utilizing apps for contact that store all the information in one place is a great way to keep organized. 

Remembering details like when you met a person or what was vital about your interactions gets overwhelming pretty fast. Notes scattered throughout different documents and across various platforms can get lost in the shuffle. Storing all pertinent information in a single database is the best way to ensure contacts don’t fall through the proverbial cracks.

Apps for Contact Database

There are many different types of apps for keeping track of contacts. They range from simple to intricate designs and features, each with their pros and cons. What most of them have in common is that they have specialty features that allow you to properly manage your contacts.

Life is moving at a fairly fast pace and a disorganized system becomes a stumbling block, causing missed connections and opportunities. Collect all of your contacts into one place, allowing you to eliminate duplicates and easily update old information. Syncing your email and phone contacts into an app means you can use the search function in just one app. Locate what you need right away, instead of sifting through all the different platforms your company utilizes. 

Most apps also simplify digital contact sharing, reducing the chance of losing a business card before its information is recorded. It becomes much easier to spread around your professional information, widening your network with the click of a button. 

Optimizing a Smart Contacts App

Get the most out of your network by using a smart contacts app. A smart app is more than just an address book. It is a refining tool that helps you properly manage both professional and personal contacts. Set up a calendar, scan business cards, and share information easily with a contact app in the palm of your hand. 

Following up is as important to networking as making new connections is. The best smart contact apps allow you to make meetings, take notes, and message your contacts, all within the app. Apps like StayTouch have both vocal and pictorial note taking capabilities. Sections set aside to record a person’s preferences, allow you to keep pertinent details to later make a contact feel seen. A personal touch is a great way to impress future customers and partners. 


With StayTouch, each individual contact can be customized with notes, personal preferences, and contact information. Smart notes allows you to record talk to text notes and make pictorial memos. The app has the option to set a reminder for each contact. You can decide when you want to be reminded, what you need to reach out about, and what platform to use.

The app keeps track of interaction history as well as past and upcoming meetings. Connecting people together and scheduling meetings is simplified by creating a calendar link to determine the best days to meet. Meetings can be customized to include any virtual event links within the meeting memo. 

Success depends on not just establishing relationships, but by pursuing and growing them. Networking is an essential part of any business’s growth. StayTouch helps you nurture and maintain those professional connections without losing any through the cracks. We are delighted to lighten the networking load a little for you. Visit our webpage if you would like to learn more about managing contacts with an app. If you have questions about the StayTouch app contact us today!