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Here’s Why Adding QR Codes To Your Business Card is a Good Idea

two businessmen exchange qr business cards

Quick response or QR codes were first invented in Japan, during the 1990s, to track auto parts. Since then, the technology has come a long way, providing a mobile, touchless solution for marketing. Companies have even begun to place QR codes on business cards. 

According to a 2021 Statista survey, 59% of their respondents believe QR codes will be part of the future mobile experience. Each new generation relies more on information that is easily mobile accessible. Most smartphones today have built-in QR code readers, creating convenient access to information. Businesses can take advantage of this convenient access by adding a QR code to their business cards. 

The Benefits of a QR Code Business Card

There are multiple benefits to including the mobile generation in marketing through QR codes. A well-designed business card is an expressive and personal marketing tool. However, these cards are analog and have extremely limited space. The QR code challenges these limitations, providing a hybrid tool that appeals to more than one demographic. 

Benefits include:

  • Encouraging Action
    • Conversion rates are higher with clear and easy action steps. A QR code can easily lead to a ‘contact us’ page or a portfolio. It also provides a simplified way to save your information, cutting out the time it takes to manually input contact details.  
  • More Information
    • Business cards are tiny, with room for only a small amount of information before the card appears cluttered. The QR code creates a larger digital space, allowing businesses to put far more information into potential customer’s hands. The easy-to-use tech gives clients much more information about why they should be interested in a business. 
  • Modifiable
    • Users can modify a dynamic QR code even after printing the cards. Additionally, users can edit the information the code leads to at any time. It’s easy to updated contact information and change URLs or page content. Please note that a static QR code cannot be changed after printing. 

More benefits: 

  • Trackable
    • Dynamic QR codes are trackable. Every scan is recorded, allowing a business to assess effectiveness. Not only are the number of scans tracked but the time, location, and type of device are tracked as well. This creates a new pool of data, giving a clearer picture to interested customers and better optimizing future campaigns. 
  • Appealing to a Wider Demographic
    • Older, more traditional consumers are likely to still appreciate paper business cards. Younger generations tend to be more conservation conscious and digitally-minded. Including a QR code, allows customers to scan a card without needing to take it with them physically. Currently, these codes are most popular in age groups fresh out of high school and entering college. This younger generation is not going to store a collection of different business cards for future use. However, if they scan the information in their phone, they can access your website easily via the code. 

What can QR Code Business Cards Link to?

QR codes on business cards take engaging with customers to a different level. The code gives them immediate access to the perfectly tailored information you wish to provide. Businesses have the option to include much more than just contact information in the QR code destination. 

Depending on the target market and the services or items provided, a card can link to:

  • Contact details, or a “Contact us” form
  • Social media platforms (just one, or a list of links to each one)
  • Coupons, discounts, or drawings
  • A portfolio
  • Event details
  • Newsletter sign up form 
  • Videos (workshops, demonstrations, etc.)

This is just a small portion of the things QR codes can link to. The only limitation is a business’s imagination. The code destination is specifically designed to engage a target audience on a digital level. Once a company understands their audience, the sky’s the limit for what they can do with QR code.


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