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Reduce Your Stress By Utilizing Your Contacts App

a group of business workers using their contacts app to reduce their stress and stay on task

Managing a business’s wide array of contacts is a time-consuming and stressful administrative task. However, companies and individuals can save time and reduce stress by using a contacts app. Meaningful connections happen all across a wide network of social media and contact platforms. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed with input flooding in from all sides. Crucial contacts can slip through the cracks and lose a potentially meaningful partnership or lasting bond. To avoid missing out on important opportunities, create a network that is well organized and continues to grow. Luckily, contact apps do just that. 

Contact Management Consolidation with a Contacts App

To reduce the stress of contact management, reduce all your contacts into one application. Maintaining contacts scattered across Google, Outlook, messengers, and more is a messy task. A contacts app can put all of your different contacts in one database, eliminating the worry of forgetting an important contact. In fact, the best ones even combine and delete duplicates.

All contacts in one database means there’s only one place to look for the information you need. Create meetings and take notes, so you can remember important details about each person. You stay organized and people around you experience the personal touch of feeling remembered.

Since the app databases are stored online, you can access your contacts from anywhere. Contacts can be imported into an app, creating one masterlist. In some cases, you can also export them into a spreadsheet format. 

Update and Exchange Contacts Automatically with Contacts App

Keeping contacts up-to-date and accurate is almost a full-time job. Phone numbers and emails change regularly and you aren’t always notified. The average time spent at one job is about two-and-a-half years. If you haven’t cultivated a relationship with a contact before they switch jobs, it’s much harder to reach out later. 

Some contact apps automatically update all contact lists when a user changes their information. This convenient service saves time and confusion, allowing you to network without stressing over correct contact information.

Particularly well-designed apps make exchanging profiles and contacts very simple. It shouldn’t be an arduous, multi-step process to trade information with someone. With one or two taps of a button, you should have all the necessary information automatically filed in the database. Moreover, networking should be a useful tool, not an extra stressor. 

StayTouch Contacts App

StayTouch’s creators designed the app with the mission to make exchanging contacts and managing relationships more simple. Consolidate all contacts into the StayTouch app and create your own profile to share with each person. 

You can customize each individual contact with notes, personal preferences, and contact information. Smart notes allows you to record talk-to-text notes and make pictorial memos. The app keeps track of interaction history as well as past and upcoming meetings. Connecting people together and scheduling meetings is also simplified in the app. Create a calendar link to determine the best days to meet and include any virtual event links in the meeting memo. 

Add contacts with a one click exchange or the scan of a business card. Stay in contact through the built in messenger or leave yourself personalized reminders to reconnect via phone, text, or email. No crucial business or personal connections can fall through the cracks when you use the app to its fullest potential. 

Success depends on not just establishing relationships, but by pursuing and growing them. Networking is an essential part of any business’s growth. StayTouch helps you nurture and maintain those professional connections. Any success requires hard work and dedication but not all of it has to be confusing and stressful. StayTouch is delighted to lighten the networking load a little for you. Visit our blog if you would like to learn more about managing contacts with an app. If you have questions about the StayTouch app contact us today!